Sri Nrusinghanath

Sri Nrusinghanath, the great temple of Odisha in India, is situated at the foot hills of Gandhamardhan Hill near Paikmal, Bargarh. The King of Patnagarh, Baijal Singh Dev, laid the foundation of this historic temple in 1313 A.D. It is only 45 feet in height, divided into two parts: the first being the seat of the Lord Nrusinghnath, the second allotted to Jagamohan (antechamber having 3 gates and each supported by 4 pillars.

Around six hundred years ago, a woman Jamuna Kandhuni as referred in the book “Nrusingha Charitra” composed a Kavya that sings the glory of Marjara Keshari in regard to suppression and repression of torture and tyranny of Musika Daitya. According to the legend,when people were greatly afflicted by Musika Daitya (the incarnate Mouse Demon), Vishnu Mani in the appearance(Incarnation) of Marjara Keshari,in His Feline Form,ran to eat the demonic mouse form – Musika Daitya who never came out from the tunnel and Marjara Keshari waited from that day. The temple is reputed from that day with this mythological history. This story is symbolic of the grounding the demonic evil power of tyranny and torture that never dared to come out further and Lord Nrusinghnath alias Marjara Keshari has been guarding it since then. According to Huen Tsang, the Chinese traveler, this place was a centre of Buddhist scriptural learning. Lord Nrushinghanath is a much-adored deity of Orissa and a great fair is held in his honour on the 14th day of bright fortnight in the month of Vaisakha. According to Oriya and Devnagari inscriptions, the temple was built by Baijal Dev in the early 15th century AD. The temple is constructed in Orissan style of architecture.

With out considering the tourism potentiality, when state government is interested for mining in the Gandhamardhan hill, the decision of the Chhattisgarh government to spend Rs.two crores for the development of the Nrusinghnath, natural tourist spot located on the foothill of Gandhamardhan makes everyone happy.

The famous festival occur in this temple is Shivaratri, Makar Sankranti and a big mela which is famous here called Magha Mela. Many people come to see this mela. The near of this 2 temple you can see Patora Dam, Kantabanji, Bangomunda and Harihara. These places are also very nice place. Harishankara and Nrusinghanath is a best place for tourism in Odisha, people can visit any time throughout the year.

Here you can also visit Chal dhar (400mtr from Temple), Bhim Dhar (425mtr from Temple), Sita Kunda (500mtr from Temple), Panchupandav (1.5 km from Temple), Kapil Dhar (4 km from Temple), Supta Dhar (7 km from Temple), Satyaamb (9 km from Temple), Bhim Madua (11 km from Temple), Happy Point (12 km from Temple). In recent year tourism has been developing in around Gandhamardhan hills. An annual big fair held on Nrusimha-chatrurdasi day during Vaishakha shukla chaturdashi (in May) attracts thousands of pilgrims from far and near. Nrusimhanath Temple is about 110 km west of Baragarh and 164 km from Sambalpur. Khariar Road Railway Station is the nearest railhead. Here also a Beautiful Garden created just near the temple, where Lord Krishna different avatar shown and also a 28 ft Hanuman Statue created inside the center of Garden.

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