Students compelled to cross river to reach school in Odisha

BHUBANESWAR: Scores of students are forced to cross a river every day to attend a school in Gujarat.

In absence of a bridge and proper connectivity, on a routine basis students cross a river in Bangriposi block of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj to reach school. Earlier in 2014, it was reported that nearly 100 students have to swim across a river everyday to reach school in Gujarat.

This is not the first time young children in the country cross rivers and lakes to reach school on time. In 2014, reportedly 100 students swam across a river in Gujarat every day to reach school. Around 16 children from Narmada district in the state used to swim across the 600 metre wide River Hiran and then walk for five kilometres to reach the Utavadi Village to get education. In a similar incident in August 2017, students in Jharkhand’s Latehar crossed a river which had been flowing with a high current to reach school.

Boys and girls from 16 tribal villages in Narmada District swim across the 600 metre wide River Hiran and then walk for another five kilometres to reach the Utavadi Village where the nearest school is located.

In August 2017, school students in Jharkhand’s Latehar were seen risking their lives to cross a river which has been flowing with high current.

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